Oxford comma in business writing

In Australia, Canada, and South Africa, the serial comma tends not to be used in non-academic publications unless its absence produces ambiguity. I finally came to the point where I told them they had to be aware of who their audience would be and write in a style that would make sense to them!

The farmer sold corn, hay, oats, potatoes, and wheat. Furthermore, if the reader is unaware of which convention is being used, both versions are always ambiguous.

Mary Morel We use fewer commas today if the meaning is clear without them Punctuation is becoming more minimal and we are tending to drop unnecessary commas.

A Guide Random House,pp.

University of Oxford

Most but not all British writers prefer to omit it when it is not necessary. This would still be ambiguous if a serial comma were added, as Mandela could still be mistaken for a demigod, although he would be precluded from being a dildo collector.

Among university scholars of the period were William Grocynwho contributed to the revival of Greek language studies, and John Coletthe noted biblical scholar.

An example collected by Nielsen Hayden was found in a newspaper account of a documentary about Merle Haggard: Truck drivers demanded overtime pay, and the defense conceded that the expression was ambiguous, but said it should be interpreted as exempting distribution activity from overtime pay.

The report recommends that he face a tribunal. Some writers will leave out the comma that sets off a contrasting phrase beginning with but. For titles Commas separate names from titles. The inference we seem to be invited to draw from these examples is that you can't win under either system of punctuation, so objectively it doesn't matter which one you choose: All players, who are now back in town, deny the charges.

Rezrag Mogron March 14, at The main points to consider are whether the athletes are skillful enough to compete, whether they have the stamina to endure the training, and whether they have the proper mental attitude.

Paul flew to New York last Monday. A comma before and removes the ambiguity: Yes, it is very difficult to get to grips with seeing that extra comma if you are British, yet for many Americans, this has been a regular feature in their writing from a young age.

Never use only one comma between a subject and its verb. Although it rained all weekend, the convention was still held. The answer, according to the courts, is officially: Is a comma necessary after a date at the beginning of a sentence.

This fact is obvious from the advice that The Associated Press Stylebook offers publications that follow its usually no-serial-comma style. Regardless of which variety of English you write in, the serial comma should be used when it is necessary and omitted when it would be confusing.

Serial comma

The two systems are equally unsatisfactory and equally susceptible to confusion. Our house style was to use a serial comma, but the author's description of his familial complications suggested that he might be risking a change for the worse in his current living arrangements if his wife the ferret got wind of his characterization of her.

Where Did the Oxford Comma Come From, and Why Is It So Important?

I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out. Here's some help on matching subjects with verbs. Resolving ambiguity[ edit ] The style that always uses the serial comma may be less likely to result in ambiguity.ABI/Inform Collection.

One source covers three ABI/Inform databases indexing thousands of local, regional and global business publications, and provides market, industry and company information.

Mar 16,  · The debate over commas is often a pretty inconsequential one, but it was anything but for the truck drivers. Note the lack of Oxford comma — also known as the serial comma. Professor Sterbenz. Business Insider/Mamta Badkar Contrary to popular belief, commas don't just signify pauses in a sentence.

In fact, precise rules govern when to use this punctuation mark. To celebrate, I offer these tips and insights into proper grammar and good writing from Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. Grammar Girl. Fogarty, who produces the podcast "Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips.

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Oxford comma in business writing
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